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#2 on the UK iTunes music chart (July 2010)
#1 on the Australian iTunes music iPad charts (Sept 2010)
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This Day in Music is the daily guide to the facts, the figures and most of all the stars, available as an iPhone & iPad app, containing over 5,000 music facts as well as hundreds of exclusive images.

This Day in Music is a companion to the highly successful site - also available as a best-selling book.

This Day in Music has already been Top 10 on the iTunes music charts in over 30 countries.


On This Day
365 days of major music happenings.

Music Quiz
Addictive and interactive with hundreds of questions.

Birthday #1
See what was No. 1 on the day you were born.

Which Stars Share Your Birthday?
Your star birthday buddies.

Things you didn't know
Bumper music trivia facts.






"...its Sixties-style design and archive of photos really shine. Were you aware that Madonna has an eight-legged pond bug named after her? If you knew already, or at least are now glad that you do, this app is perfect."

"Calling all music lovers and trivia fans... There's a new music app available that will blow you away with its sleek and ingenious package."

"It's the perfect app for music fans, no matter what age or gender they are. The abundance of music info that you'll get from the app is certainly worth the price."

"The facts are endless. I thought I would run out of quiz questions or things I didn't know about rock stars way before I wanted to. On the contrary, in all cases, I wound up running out on them, not because I ever got bored, but out of eagerness to see what the next sections of the app had to offer."












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